Harrogate Message and Reflexology

relax, rejuvenate, revitalise...

Traditional Thai massage and reflexology has come to Harrogate to help you refresh, de-stress and take the weight off your shoulders.
Kanchana is a masseuse from Thailand and studied massage at the famous Buddhist Wat Po Temple. She offers the most traditional form of Thai massage and reflexology which is over 2500 years old and can be traced back to India during Buddha’s lifetime. For centuries Buddhist monks have used Thai massage to rejuvenate the body and stimulate the meridians (energy lines) within.

Today Thai massage is becoming increasingly popular within the Western world. Trades people to office workers all reap the benefits of Thai massage as it relieves everyday aches, pains and stresses. Tension can often get locked into various parts of the body, especially the neck, back and shoulders. Relieving this tension brings about clarity and a calmer sense of being, ultimately making us more happy and effective in our work and lives.

Wat Po Temple Bangkok
Reclining Buddha at Wat Po Temple Bangkok