Prices For Massage and Reflexology Treatments in Harrogate:

Kanchana’s aim is to promote Thai Massage culture in Harrogate and therefore her treatments are humbly priced so clients can enjoy regular massage or reflexology sessions. In Thailand it is quite normal to have a massage once a week. Kanchana is always offering promotions, and discounts to regular clients as a sign of appreciation and respect.

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Traditional Thai Massage in Harrogate:

40 minutes: A briefer introduction to a comprehensive Thai massage, as this covers neck, shoulders, back, hands, arms and legs. £22.00

60 minutes: A purely relaxing experience: £30.00

120 minutes: This is for those who wish to indulge even more to gain the full benefit of Thai massage. £50.00

Reflexology/Foot Massage in Harrogate:

40 minutes: A good introductory session to reflexology. This will help stimulate not only the feet but the whole of the body. £22.00

60 minutes. Normally the recommended amount of time for a fully comprehensive foot massage. £30.00

Aromatherapy and Oil Massage in Harrogate:

30 minutes: Oils in massage have been used in both Eastern and Western cultures for thousands of years. Oils have therapeutic properties bringing a sense of calm into one’s mind. Try this introduction to oil massage. £22.00

60 minutes: This comprehensive oil massage will bring about total relaxation. £36.00

120 minutes: 60 minute Thai massage followed by 60 minute Oil/aromatherapy massage. Pure bliss. £55.00


We only accept cash payments or gift vouchers, which may be purchased online with a credit or debit card.

Recommended Treatments:

Old picture form Wat Po Temple showing meridian pressure points or sen

60 minute Thai massage with 30 Minute Reflexology/Foot Massage total relaxation only: £45

60 minute Oil Massage with 30 Minute Reflexology Massage: Indulge yourself: £47

60 minute Thai massage followed by 60 minute Oil/aromatherapy massage: Indulge yourself: £55